William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Papers Volume 2
Fighting for the Right
Stones of the Temple Or Lessons from the Fabric and Furniture of the Church
Outlines of French Historical Grammar With Representative French Texts
Campaigns of the War of 1812-15 Against Great Britain Sketched and Criticised With Brief Biographies of the American Engineers
Lincolnshire Notes and Queries Volume 1
History of the Mogul Dynasty in India From Its Foundation by Tamerlane in the Year 1399 to the Accession of Aurengzebe in the Year 1657
The Works of Daniel Defoe Volume 2
The Life of John Eliot
A French Grammar Or Plain Instructions for the Learning of French in a Series of Letters
An Annual Discourse Before the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Delivered in the Hall of the Musical Fund Society on the 29th of November 1826
By-Ways of Virginia History A Jamestown Memorial Embracing a Sketch of Pocahontas
Biographical Sketches and Anecdotes of Members of the Religious Society of Friends Atla Monograph Preservation Program
Elementary Lessons in Heat Light Sound
White Mountain Trails Tales of the Trails to the Summit of Mount Washington and Other Summits of the White Hills
History of Peter the Great Emperor of Russia With a Short General History of the Country from the Rise of the Monarchy and an Account of the Authors Life Volume 1
Life and Correspondence of Henry Ingersoll Bowditch Volume 1
Journal of the New York Entomological Society Volume 14
Furniture of the Olden Time
The Epistles of St Paul to the Galatians Ephesians and Philippians Church Commentaries on the New Testament
Economic Science and Practice Or Essays on Various Aspects of the Relations of Economic Science to Practical Affairs
The Cabin Book Or National Characteristics Tr by S Powell
Biographical Memoirs Volume 1
Left Tackle Thayer
Serums Vaccines and Toxines in Treatment and Diagnoses
The Entomologists Monthly Magazine Volume 16
Outlines of the History of Ethics for English Readers
The Silver Cup
Letter-Books of John Hervey First Earl of Bristol With Sir Thomas Herveys Letters During Courtship Poems During Widowhood 1651 to 1750
The Downfall of Russia Behind the Scenes in the Realm of the Czar
Report of the Select Committee of the Cape of Good Hope House of Assembly on the Jameson Raid Into the Territory of the South African Republic Presented to Parliament by Command of Her Majesty March 1897
Transactions of the Philological Society
Wulf the Saxon A Story of the Norman Conquest
Proceedings Volume 2
Jane Austen and Her Times
Report of the State Trials Before a General Court Martial Held at Montreal in 1838-9 Exhibiting a Complete History of the Late Rebellion in Lower Canada
Cinq-Mars Or a Conspiracy Under Louis XIII
English and Scottish Ballads Volume 8
The Writings of John Muir Volume 5
The Life and Writings of Vincent L Bradford
Gas-Engines and Producer-Gas Plants A Practice Treatise Setting Forth the Principles of Gas-Engines and Producer Design the Selection and Installation of an Engine Conditions of Perfect Operation Producer-Gas Engines and Their Possibilities the Care
Memorials of Coleorton Being Letters from Coleridge Wordsworth and His Sister Southey and Sir Walter Scott to Sir George and Lady Beaumont of Coleorton Leicestershire 1803-1834 Volume 2
Horace Walpole and His World Select Passages from His Letters
The Life and Thoughts of John Foster
Tales of the Classics A New Delineation of the Most Popular Fables Legends and Allegories Commemorated in the Works of Poets Painters and Sculptors Volume 3
Dr Johnson Fanny Burney
Upper Canada Law Journal Volume 1
Undine and Other Tales
The Certificates of the Commissioners Appointed to Survey the Chantries Guilds Hospitals Etc in the County of York Volume 92
The War of Greek Independence 1821 to 1833
Threading My Way Twenty-Seven Years of Autobiography
Annual Report of the Reclamation Service Volume 9
Democritus in London With the Mad Pranks and Comical Conceits of Motley and Robin Good-Fellow to Which Are Added Notes Festivous Etc
The Responsibilities of the Novelist and Other Literary Essays
The Miracles of Our Lady Saint Mary
Seventeen A Tale of Youth and Summer Time of the Baxter Family Especially William
The Heart of Africa 3rd Cheaper Ed
Upland and Meadow A Poaetquissings Chronicle
Paintings of the Louvre Italian and Spanish
Letters of Edward Fitzgerald
Memorials of the Abbey of St Mary of Fountains Volume 67
Select Letters Taken from Fogs Weekly Journal
Johnsoniana From Boswells Life of the Great Lexicographer and Moralist
Shining Ferry
A Memoir of Ralph Waldo Emerson Volume 2
The Land of Desolation Being a Personal Narrative of Observation and Adventure in Greenland
The Citizen A Study of the Individual and the Government
While It Was Morning
The History of the Talmud From the Time of Its Formation about 200 BC Up to the Present Time Volume 1-2
Bulgaria Before the War During Seven Years Experience of European Turkey and Its Inhabitants
A Pronouncing Dictionary of the Holy Bible
The Peoples Journal Volume 4
Charles Darwin and the Origin of Species Addresses Etc in America and England in the Year of the Two Anniversaries
Amusement Only
Architecture and Building Volume 50
Digest of the Tax Laws of Tennessee and Criminal Cost Laws with Annotations Prepared for [The] Comptroller of the State Treasury
The Songs of Bilitis
The Conquest of Granada Volume 1
Classic Baptism
Catena Aurea Commentary on the Four Gospels Collected Out of the Works of the Fathers Volume 3 PT1
The Complete Works of Robert Browning The Ring and the Book
Swine Breeding Feeding and Management
Epidemiologic Studies of Poliomyelitis in New York City and the Northeastern United States During the Year 1916
Spons Dictionary of Engineering Ed by O Byrne (and Spon) 8 DIV
Gentle Measures in the Management and Training of the Young Or the Principles on Which a Firm Parental Authority May Be Established and Maintained
Concise History OT the Jews
A General Synopsis of Birds Volume V 2 (1783) Series 1
The Railway Engineer Volume 24
The Fundamental Doctrines of the Christian Faith
Two Years in Peru with Exploration of Its Antiquities
Memoir of the Three Campaigns of Major-General Sir Archibald Campbells Army in Ava
True to Herself
The System of the World Volume 2
The Ruling Principle of Method Applied to Education
Chemical News and Journal of Industrial Science Volume 96
The History of the Reign of Philip the Third King of Spain Volume 2
The Drifting Diamond
The Complete Writings of Alfred de Musset Volume 7
Christian Baptism With Its Antecedents and Consequents
A History of the Papacy During the Period of the Reformation Volume 3
Some Official Correspondence of George Canning [1821-1827] Volume 1
A New German Grammar
German Orthography and Phonology
How Canada Is Governed A Short Account of Its Executive Legislative Judicial and Municipal Institutions with an Historical Outline of Their Origin and Development
Indian Reminiscences
The Constitutional History of England from the Accession of Henry VII to the Death of George II Volume 4
Observations in the East Chiefly in Egypt Palestine Syria and Asia Minor Volume 2
General Meade
Proclamations Notices and Regulations in Force in the Native Territories of the Cape Colony on the 20th of July 1896
Shakespeare in Germany in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries An Account of English Actors in Germany and the Netherlands and of the Plays Performed by Them During the Same Period
A Memoir of Father Dignam of the Society of Jesus With Some of His Letters
The Life and Speeches of Thomas Williams Orator Statesman and Jurist 1806-1872 a Founder of the Whig and Republican Parties 1
The Description of Greece Volume 1
Hostages to Fortune A Novel Volume 3
The Story of the Life of George Stephenson Railway Engineer
History of Maryland From Its First Settlement in 1634 to the Year 1848
Diophantus of Alexandria a Study in the History of Greek Algebra
The History of the Public Revenue of the British Empire
The Land of St Castin
The Laughing Mill and Other Stories
A Private in the Guards
History of State Departments Illinois Government 1787-1943 3 C1
The History of Indian Literature
The Island of Stone Money Uap of the Carolines
Fishes Living and Fossil an Outline of Their Forms and Probable Relationships 1895
Heart A Journal for the Study of Circulation 3
History of New Hampshire 1
Stories of Naples and the Camorra
A History of Psychology Vol III
The Great Valleys and Prairies of Nebraska and the Northwest
Full Cry
The Essays of Francis Bacon
Index to 1850 United States Federal Census of Indiana Bks A-Z Bk F
The Documentary History of the Campaign Upon the Niagara Frontier 3
Spain and the Spaniards Spain and the Spaniards Volume 1
A History of Canada 1763-1812
Conversations on the Theory and Practice of Physiological Medicine Or Dialogues Between a Savant and a Young Physician [by FJV Broussais] Transl
Anthology of Magazine Verse
The Voyage of Bran Son of Febal to the Land of the Living An Old Irish Saga Volume 1
The World Encompassed by Sir Francis Drake Being His Next Voyage to That to Nombre de Dios Collated with an Unpublished Manuscript of Francis Fletcher Chaplain to the Expedition With Appendices Illustrative of the Same Voyage and Introduction Volu
Ships of the United States Navy and Their Sponsors Volume 1
The Women of the Debatable Land
The Voice of Jerusalem
Studies of the Portrait of Christ Volume 1
A Memoir of Maria Edgeworth With a Selection from Her Letters by the Late Mrs Edgeworth Volume 1
The Hare
Gazetteer of Madison County Containing Historical and Descriptive Sketches of Alton City Upper Alton Edwardsvile Collinsville Highland Troy Monticello Mairne Bethalto and Other Towns Including Some Account of the Resources of the Various Towns
A Tennyson Dictionary the Characters and Place Names Contained in the Poetical and Dramatic Works of the Poet Alphabetically Arranged and Described with Synopses of the Poems and Plays
The True Episcopate as Seen in the Original Constitution of the Church of Alexandria
Stark County and Its Pioneers
Women and War Work
Wells Every Man His Own Lawyer and United States Form Book Being a Complete Guide in All Matters of Law and Business Negotiations for Every State in the Union
Sermons and Addresses
The Silver Domino Or Side Whispers Social and Literary
The Victoria History of the County of Northampton 3
The System of Animate Nature The Gifford Lectures Delivered in the University of St Andrews in the Years 1915 and 1916 1
Rienzi The Last of the Roman Tribunes
Bibliographia Poetica A Catalogue of Engleish [sic] Poets of the Twelfth Thirteenth Fourteenth Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centurys with a Short Account of Their Works
A Tour in Switzerland Or a View of the Present State of the Governments and Manners of Those Cantons
The Theory of the Steam Turbine A Treatise on the Principles of Construction of the Steam Turbine with Historical Notes on Its Development
The Doctrine of Development and Conscience Considered in Relation to the Evidences of Christianity and of the Catholic System
The Life of Joseph Locke Civil Engineer
In the Land of Cave and Cliff Dwellers
The Comprehensive Subject Index to Universal Prose Fiction
Big Tremaine
District of Columbia Appropriation Bill Hearings Before 63-2 on HR 10523
Corinne Ou LItalie
The Parousia A Critical Study of the Scripture Doctrines of Christs Second Coming His Reign as King the Resurrection of the Dead and the General Judgment
Studies in German Literature
The Advocate of Veterinary Reform and Outlines of Anatomy and Physiology of the Horse Also a General History of the Rise and Progress of the Veterinary Science in England with Practical Observations on Feeding Watering Grooming Shoeing c Con
Annotated Statutes of the State of Iowa
An Introduction to Sociology for Social Workers and General Readers
Geology For Teachers Classes and Private Students
Africa from South to North Through Marotseland Volume 2
Henri Dominique Lacordaire A Biographical Sketch
Sixty Years on the Turf The Life and Times of George Hodgman 1840-1900
Talk of Napoleon at St Helena
Solitary Places Made Glad Being Observations and Experiences for Thirty-Two Years in Nebraska With Sketches and Incidents Touching the Discovery Early Settlement and Development of the State
Polk Logansport Indiana City Directory Yr 1887-88
Sacred Scriptures of the World Being Selections of the Most Devotional and Ethical Portions of the Ancient Hebrew and Christian Scriptures to Which Have Been Added Kindred Selections from Other Ancient Scriptures
The Novels of Victor Hugo Fully Translated Les Miserables I Fantine Tr Bywilliam Walton 2v II Cosette Tr by JCBeckwith 2v III Marius Trby Jules Gray 2v IV the Idyl of the Rue Plumet and the Epic of the Rue Saint-Denis Tr by Edouard
The Heart of the White Mountains
Her Husbands Country by the Author of Marcia in Germany
Rust Smut Mildew Mould An Introduction to the Study of Microscopic Fungi
Warwicks Keystone Commonwealth A Review of the History of the Great State of Pennsylvania and a Brief Record of the Growth of Its Chief City Philadelphia
Devon Cornwall Notes Queries 11 Pt1
A System of Intellectual Philosophy
Letters on the Management of Hounds
Power Distribution for Electric Railroads
Selections from the Correspondence of Thomas Barclay Formerly British Consul-General at New York
Lee The Centennial Celebration and Centennial History of the Town of Lee Mass
Report on the Birds of Pennsylvania with Special Reference to the Food-Habits Based on Over Three Thousand Stomach Examinations
Ottos French Conversation Grammar
Travels in the Interior Inhabited Parts of North America In the Years 1791 and 1792 In Which Is Given an Account of the Manners and Customs of the Indians and the Present War Between Them and the Fderal States the Mode of Life and System of Farming
Glenarvon Volume 1
Report on the Art of War in Europe in 1854 1855 and 1856
The History and Delineation of the Horse in All His Varieties Comprehending the Appropriate Uses Management and Progressive Improvement of Each With a Particular Investigation of the Character of the Race-Horse and the Business of the Turf Illust
The Individual A Study of Life and Death
Honest Abe A Study in Integrity Based on the Early Life of Abraham Lincoln
Christopher Columbus and the New World of His Discovery A Narrative with a Note on the Navigation of Columbuss First Voyage by the Earl of Dunraven Volume 1
Three Years in Constantinople Or Domestic Manners of the Turks in 1844 Volume 2
Discovery of the Yosemite and the Indian War of 1851 Which Led to That Event
The Fortunes of Glencore Volume 2
Journal of the New York Entomological Society V 27 1919
History of the Westminster Assembly of Divines
The Adjustment of Observations by the Method of Least Squares With Applications to Geodetic Work
Journey to Ararat
An Account of the Celebration by the Town of Lincoln
Fiammetta A Summer Idyl
The International Studio Volume 11
History of the Mormons Or Latter-Day Saints With Memoirs of the Life and Death of Joseph Smith the American Mahomet
History of the Pennsylvania Hospital Unit (Base Hospital No 10 U S A) in the Great War
The Queens Shilling A Soldiers Story 2
Fifiana Or Memorials of the East of Fife
A Program for Employed Boys Clubs and Its Use Graduating Thesis of Harold Lew Webb in Candidacy for the Degree of Bachelor of Association Science
The Forest Runners A Story of the Great War Trail in Early Kentucky
The Peoples Guide a Business Political and Religious Directory of Johnson Co Ind Together with a Collection of Very Important Documents and Statistics Connected with Our Moral Political and Scientific History
Electrical Engineering First Course
Portrait Miniatures from the Time of Holbein 1531 to That of Sir Wilhelm Roso 1860
Myths of Northern Lands Narrated with Special Reference to Literature and Art
The Legends of the Jews From Joseph to the Exodus
History of the West End Street Railway in Which Is Included Sketches of the Early Street Railway of Boston- Consolidation of the Various Lines- Foreign Street Railways- The Berlin Viaduct- Anecdotes Etc Together with Speeches by President Henry M Whi
A Heroine of 1812 A Maryland Romance
Famous Hymns and Their Authors
The History of South America from Its Discovery to the Present Time Compiled from the Works of the Best Authors and from Authentic Documents Many Hitherto Unpublished in Various Archives and Public and Private Libraries in America and Spain
Lives of the Most Eminent Literary and Scientific Men of Great Britain Volume 1
Little Comedies Old New
The State and the Church
Report of a Commission Appointed to Consider a General System of Drainage for the Valleys of Mystic Blackstone and Charles Rivers Massachusetts USa
British Zoology Volume 4
Whaling and Fishing
Italian Characters in the Epoch of Unification (patriotti Italiani) by the Countess Evelyn Martinengo Cesaresco
Emily Or the Countess of Rosendale Volume 2
Wisconsin in Three Centuries 1634-1905 Volume 2
Clever Business Sketches Volume 2
Abeokuta and the Camaroons Mountains An Exploration Volume 1
The Life of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
Value and Distribution An Historical Critical and Constructive Study in Economic Theory Adapted for Advanced and Post-Graduate Work
History of Civilisation History of Civilisation Volume 1
History of the Latin and Teutonic Nations from 1494 to 1514
Journal of the Colle Journal of the Colle Volume 25
Jerusalem Delivered An Heroic Poem Volume 1
The History of the Great Indian War of 1675 and 1676 Commonly Called Philips War Also the Old French and Indian Wars from 1689 to 1704
School Law of California
The Orlando Furioso Volume 5
Journal of American Folklore Volume 25
Adams Clay
The Hairy Ape Anna Christie the First Man
The Road-Builders
A Report on the District of Jessore Its Antiquities Its History and Its Commerce
The Eastern Seas Or Voyages and Adventures in the Indian Archipelago in 1832-33-34 Comprising a Tour of the Island of Java -- Visits to Borneo the Malay Peninsula Siam
An Introduction to Political Economy
The Portygee
History of the City of Rome in the Middle Ages Volume 4
Quips and Cranks
The Craftsman Volume 12
The International Critical Commentary on the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments Esther by L B Paton
A Story of Courage Annals of the Georgetown Convent of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Christ in the Psalms an Exposition of the 2nd 45th and 110th Psalms in Discourses
Pictures of Private Life
Tom Gerrard
Travels Into the Interior Parts of Africa By the Way of the Cape of Good Hope in the Years 1780 8l 82 83 84 and 85
Sussex Archaeological Collections Relating to the History and Antiquities of the County Volume 34
The Gypsies and the Detectives
The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Tr with Extr from the Literal Version and Notes of Father Rothaan by C Seager
Japan Its History Arts and Literature Volume 5
The Bible Study Union Lessons Volume 1 Part 1
The History of Don Quixote of La Mancha Volume 4
The Perfect Life 12 Discourses Ed by WH Channing
The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club
Spiritual Communications Presenting a Revelation of the Future Life and Illustrating and Confirming the Fundamental Doctrines of the Christian Faith
The Reaper
The Avenger A Narrative
The Blithedale Romance
A History of the Horse in All Its Varieties and Uses
The Lady of the Lake A Poem in Six Cantoes
The Science of Home Making A Textbook in Home Economics
Richard III His Life Character Reviewed in the Light of Recent Research
Left End Edwards
The Koran Commonly Called the Alcoran of Mohammed Volume 2
Problems of the Present South A Discussion of Certain of the Educational Industrial and Political Issues in the Southern States Volume 1
The Mechanics Magazine and Journal of Engineering Agricultural Machinery Manufactures and Shipbuilding Volume 77
The Daily Counsellor
The Private Correspondence of Jane Lady Cornwallis
Medical Microscopy
Recollections of Tartar Steppes and Their Inhabitants
Our Young Folks in Africa The Adventures of a Party of Young Americans in Algeria and in South Central Africa
An Elementary Manual of Physiology for Colleges Schools of Nursing of Physical Education and of the Practical Arts
Serum Diagnosis of Syphilis and Luetin Reaction
Antonio Allegri Da Correggio from the German of Dr Julius Meyer
Twenty-Four Years in the Argentine Republic Embracing Its Civil and Military History and an Account of Its Political Condition Before and During the Administration of Governor Ross
The Virginians A Tale of the Last Century Volume 2
Practical Medical Anatomy A Guide to the Physician in the Study of the Relations of the Viscera to Each Other in Health and Disease and in the Diagnosis of the Medical and Surgical Conditions of the Anatomical Structures of the Head and Trunk
Valiant Dust
The Collected Works of Theodore Parker Minister of the Twenty-Eighth Congregational Society at Boston US Containing His Theological Polemical and Critical Writings Sermons Speeches and Addresses and Literary Miscellanies Volume 10
Patternmaking A Treatise on the Construction and Application of Patterns Including the Use of Woodworking Tools the Art of Joinery Wood Turning and Various Methods of Building Patterns and Core-Boxes of Different Types
Speeches of Gerrit Smith in Congress [1853-1854]
Ocean Steamship Traffic Management
An Essay on the Government of Dependecies
Songs and Stories from Tennessee
Electric and Magnetic Measurements and Measuring Instruments
Stamp Milling and Cyaniding
A Northern Summer Or Travels Round the Baltic Through Denmark Sweden Russia Prussia and Part of Germany In the Year 1804
The Petrel A Tale of the Sea Volume 2
Five Years of a Hunters Life in the Far Interior of South Africa with Anecdotes of the Chase and Notices of the Native Tribes Volume 2
An Autumn in Sicily Being an Account of the Principal Remains of Antiquity Existing in That Island with Short Sketches of Its Ancient and Modern History
The Elements of Physics A Text-Book for High Schools and Academies
Hookers Icones Plantarum Volume 12
Sir Thomas Lawrences Letter-Bag
The Youth of Queen Elizabeth 1533-1558 Ed from the Fr by CM Yonge
The Queens Fillet
Revised Odd-Fellowship Illustrated The Complete Revised Ritual of the Lodge Encampment Patriachs Militant and the Rebekah Degrees
The Nameless Castle
The Problems and Lessons of the War
Suppression of the Slave-Trade
Jeremiah and His Lamentations With Notes Critical Explanatory and Practical Designed for Both Pastors and People
Lectures on Commerce Delivered Before the College of Commece and Administration of the University of Chicago
Statistical Record of the Armies of the United States
Observations on the Mussulmauns of India Descriptive of Their Manners Customs Habits and Religious Opinions Made During a Twelve Years Residence in Their Immediate Society
The Essentials of Botany
The Dialogue of Salomon and Saturnus
Roma Sotterranea or an Account of the Roman Catacombs Especially of the Cemetery of St Callixtus Part 2
Samuel the Seeker
The Tuscan Poet Guiseppe Giusti and His Times
Discourses on the Sabbath
The Spinners Book of Fiction
Memoirs and Resolutions of Adam Graeme of Mossgray Including Some Chronicles of the Borough of Fendie Volume 3
The Misses Make-Believe
General Sir William Howes Orderly Book At Charlestown Boston and Halifax June 17 1775 to 1776 26 May To Which Is Added the Official Abridgment of General Howes Correspondence with the English Government During the Siege of Boston and Some Militar
The Pit A Story of Chicago
The Art of Attack Being a Study in the Development of Weapons and Appliances of Offence from the Earliest Times to the Age of Gunpowder
Annual Report of the Superintendent Of Volumes 15-16
Autobioraphy of Dr Thomas H Barton Including a History of the Fourth Regt West Va Vol Infy with an Account of Col Lightburns Retreat Down the Kanawaha Valley Gen Grants Vicksburg and Chattanooga Campaigns Together with the Several Battles
The Breath of Scandal
An Account of the Abipones An Equestrian People of Paraguay
The Faiths of the World
Margaret A Tale of the Real and the Ideal Blight and Bloom Including Sketches of a Place Not Before Described Called Mons Christi
Memorials of the Aldermen Provosts and Lord Provosts of Aberdeen 1272-1895
The Wall Street Poiint of View
An Account of the Polynesian Race Its Origin and Migrations and the Ancient Histroy of the Hawaiin People to the Times of Kamehameha 1
Standard Classic Reader Book- For the -Grade Book 4
Precedents of Proceedings in the House of Commons With Observations Volume 3
Vermont Agricultural Report
The Chicken Market and Other Fairy Tales
The Kings Mirror
Dark and Fair by Sir Charles Rockingham
The Freedom of Authority Essays in Apologetics
Travels and Adventures in the Province of Assam During a Residence of Fourteen Years
The International Journal of Surgery Volume 28
A History of the Cemetery of Mount Auburn
Why Another Sect Containing a Review of Articles by Bishop Simpson and Others on the Free Methodist Church
Experiments on Animals
The Surgical Clinics of North America Volume 1 Issue 2
History of the Reign of King Henry VII with Notes by JR Lumby
Paris Including a Description of the Principal Edifices and Curiosities of That Metropolis With a Sketch of the Customs and Manners of the Parisians Under the Old Regime Volume II
The Mountaineer
Works of Charles Dickens
Diary of a Journey to England in the Years 1761-1762 by Count Frederick Kielmansegge Tr by Countess Kielmansegg
A Parisian Sultana Tr by HM Dunstan
The Domesday of Inclosures 1517-1518 Being the Extant Returns to Chancery for Berks Bucks Cheshire Essex Leicestershire Lincolnshire Northants Oxon and Warwickshire by the Commissioners of Inclosures in 1517 and for Bedfordshire in 1518 Togethe
-The Mirrour of the Blessed Lyf of Jesu Christ
Official Vote of South Dakota by Counties From October 1889 to November 1912
Extracts from Haringtons Analysis of the Bengal Regulations
Tales of a Briefless Barrister Volume 2
Stonehenge and Other British Stone Monuments Astronomically Considered
Out of Town
Phyllis Browne
The Fredoniad Or Independence Preserved A Poem of the Late War
Ensign Ralph Osborn The Story of His Trials and Triumphs in a Battleships Engine Room
The Resources of the Sea As Shown in the Scientific Experiments to Test the Effects of Trawling and of the Closure of Certain Areas Off the Scottish Shores
The Three Black Pennys
Cape Cod and the Old Colony
The Way to Do Good
Lessons in the Speaking and Writing of English Composition and Grammar
The Mammals of Minnesota A Scientific and Popular Account of Their Features and Habits with 23 Figures and 8 Plates
Yolande The Story of a Daughter Volume 1
Pumps and Hydraulics 01
The Poor in Great Cities Their Problems and What Is Doing to Solve Them
The Gardens of the Sun Or a Naturalists Journal on the Mountains and in the Forests and Swamps of Borneo and the Sulu Archipelago
The Holy Spirit and the Church
Catalogue of the African Plants Volume PT1 V1 PT1 Volume 1
Letter-Books and Order-Book of George Lord Rodney Admiral of the White Squadron 1780-1782 66 PT2
The Gospel According to St John With Maps Notes and Introduction 4
The Irish-Canuck-Yankee
To Him That Hath A Novel of the West Today
Outlines of Land Economics Volume 2
The Achehnese 2
Hitler Over Europe
That Printer of Udells A Story of the Middle West
Animal Painters of England from the Year 1650 A Brief History of Their Lives and Works Illustrated With--Specimens of Their Paintngs 1
History of South Africa from 1873 to 1884 Twelve Eventful Years with Continuation of the History of Galekaland Tembuland Pondoland and Bethshuanaland Until the Annexation of Those Territories to the Cape Colony and of Zululand Until Its Annexation 1
The Antiquities of Tennessee and the Adjacent States and the State of Aboriginal Society in the Scale of Civilization Represented by Them A Series of Historical and Ethnological Studies
Forage Crops for Soiling Silage Hay and Pasture
East Boston Harborside Project Massport Piers 1-5
The Divine Commission a Sketch of Church History
Great Work The Constructive Principle of Nature in Individual Life (1928) [harmonic Series 1928 Editions] 3
Doctrine of Srikantha Vol Ipracyavani Research Series No IX
The Conquest of New England by the Immigrant
The Sylph A Novel Volume 1
A Digest of the Law of Partnership With Appendix Containing the Partnership Bill 1880 as Amended in Committee
The Village Curate A Poem
Rays of Positive Electricity and Their Application to Chemical Analyses
Inedited Tracts Illustrating the Manners Opinions and Occupations of Englishmen During the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
Cost Accounting for Institutions
Through Green Glasses Andy Merrigans Great Discovery and Other Irish Tales
Observations on the Present Condition of the Island of Trinidad And the Actual State of the Experiment of Negro Emancipation
The Ancient Hawaiian House
Sir Roger de Coverley Papers in the Spectator
The Apostle of Ryo-U Herman H Cook Missionary in Japan
The International Congress of Women of 1899 Volume 7
Studies in Forensic Psychiatry
On the Use and Abuse of Alcoholic Liquors in Health and Disease by William B Carpenter
Poems Consisting Chiefly of Translations from the Asiatick Languages to Which Are Added Two Essays I on the Poetry of the Eastern Nations II on the Arts Commonly Called Imitative
A Personal History of the Horse-Guards from 1750 to 1872
The Pennsylvania German Dialect
Introductory Physiology and Hygiene For Use in Intermediate Grades
John Wheelwright His Writings Including His Fast-Day Sermon 1637 and His Mercurius Americanus 1645 With a Paper Upon the Genuineness of the Indian Deed of 1629 and a Memoir
Nouveaux LMens DHygine Vol 2 RDigs Suivant Les Principes de la Nouvelle Doctrine MDicale
Trait Pratique Des Emissions Sanguines
Der Werdegang Des Preuischen Heeres
Gesammelte Werke Vol 1 Neue Fragmente Aus Dem Orient
Nouvelle Biographie Universelle Vol 5 Depuis Les Temps Les Plus Recules Jusqua Nos Jours Avec Les Renseignements Bibliographiques Et LIndication Des Sources a Consulter
Grammatik Der Hebraischen Sprache Des A T
Commentar Zum Briefe an Die Galater
Antonii Fracassini Medici Veronensis Opuscula Pathologica Alterum de Febribus Alterum de Malo Hypochondriaco Recusa Cum Indice
Primer Diccionario General Etimologico de la Lengua Espanola Vol 3
Du Juste Milieu Ou Du Rapprochement Des Extrmes Dans Les Opinions Vol 1
Caminos de la Isla de Cuba Vol 3 Itinerarios
Strassburger Festschrift Zur XLVI Versammlung Deutscher Philologen Und Schulmanner 1901
Opere Scelte Vol 8 Poesie Parte Prima Gloria E Sventura Parte Seconda Canzoni Parte Terza Sciolti Parte Quarta Componimenti Varii Parte Quinta Poesie Giocose
Catalogue GNral Des Mollusques Vivants de France Mollusques Terrestres Des Eaux Douces Et Des Eaux Saumtres
DFense Du Christianisme Par Les PRes Des Premiers Sicles de LGlise Contre Les Philosophes Les Paens Et Les Juifs
Verhandlungen Und Mittheilungen Des Nieder-OESterreichischen Gewerbe-Vereines Jahrgang 1860 Erstes Und Zweites Heft
Kreutz Und Quer Zge Vol 1
Monumenta Sacra Et Profana Ex Codicibus Praesertim Bibliothecae Ambrosianae Opera Collegii Doctorum Ejusdem Vol 2 Pentateuchi Syro-Hexaplaris Quae Supersunt Cum Notis Accedunt Nonnulla Alia Fragmenta Syriaca
Furst Wenzel Lobkowitz Erster Geheimer Rath Kaiser Leopolds I 1609-1677 Sein Leben Und Wirken
Schillers Jugendfreunde
Leggi E Costumi del Cambio Che Si Osservano Nelle Principali Piazze Di Europa E Singolarmente in Quella Di Livorno
Canzoniere Di Dante Alighieri Vol 2 Il
Anne DAutriche Et La Fronde DApres Les Memoires de Madame de Motteville
Constitucin y Vida del Pueblo Espaol Vol 1 Estudio Sobre La Etnografia y Psicologia de Las Razas de la Espaa Contempornea
China and the Present Crisis With Notes on a Visit to Japan and Korea
A Grammar of the Latin Language For the Use of Schools and Colleges
Voting in the Field A Forgotten Chapter of the Civil War
Psychology Applied to the Art of Teaching
The Story of Life Insurance
The Animals of New Zealand An Account of the Dominions Air-Breathing Vertebrates
Narrative of the Demolition of the Monastery of Port Royal Des Champs Including Biographical Memoirs of Its Latter Inhabitants
Greatest Short Stories Kipling Incarnation of Krishna Mulvaney
The Psychology of the Future (lavenir Des Sciences Psychiques)
Gaston de Blondeville Or the Court of Henry III Keeping Festival in Ardenne a Romance St Albans Abbey a Metrical Tale With Some Poetical Pieces Volume 3
Christian Socialism
History of the Expedition Under the Command of Captains Lewis and Clark to the Sources of the Missouri Thence Across the Rocky Mountains and Down the River Columbia to the Pacific Ocean Performed During the Years 180418051806 by Order of the Governm
History of the Harvard Law School and of Early Legal Conditions in America Volume 3
Jane Cable
History of India from the Earliest Times to the End of the Nineteenth Century For the Use of Students and Colleges Volume 2
The Merry Men and Other Tales and Fables Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
The Truths of the Catholic Religion Proved from Scripture Alone In a Series of Popular Discourses Chiefly Addressed to Non-Catholics Volume 1
Elements of Steam and Gas Power Engineering
Bulletin Issue 5
Cyclopedia of Heating Plumbing and Sanitation A Complete Reference Work Volume 03
The Latin Grammar of Pharmacy and Medicine
The Welsh Wars of Edward I A Contribution to Mediaeval Military History Based on Original Documents
A History of the English Episcopacy From the Period of the Long Parliament to the Act of Uniformity With Notices of the Religious Parties of the Time and a Review of Ecclesiastical Affairs in England from the Reformation
Tanis 4
Esquisse Morale Et Politique Des Etas-Unis de LAmerique Du Nord
Recollections of Marshal MacDonald Duke of Tarentum Volume 1
List of the Homopterous Insects in the Museum Volume 4
Romantic Tales Volume 4
School History of Pennsylvania from the Earliest Settlements to the Present Time
History and Directory of Riverside County 1893-4
Listening to God
Leonardo Da Vinci S Note-Books Arranged and Rendered Into English
Excerpts of the Proceedings of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey
Elements of Botany Or Outlines of the Natural History of Vegetables
From Ancient Israel to Modern Judaism Intellect in Quest of Understanding Essays in Honor of Marvin Fox Volume Volume 1
Commentary on the Four Gospels
Further Experiences of an Irish RM
Poems of William Cowper Esq with a New Memoir
Histories of the Kings of Britain
La Frontiire de LEuphrate de Pompie i La Conqite Arabe
In the Old West
Advanced Accounting
A Concise Law Dictionary of Words Phrases and Maxims With an Explanatory List of Abbreviations Used in Law Books
Modern Billiards
Poems by William Cullen Bryant
History of the United States from the Earliest Discovery of America to the Present Day Volume 3
The Battle of the Press As Told in the Story of the Life of Richard Carlile
Visit to Alexandria Damascus and Jerusalem During the Successful Campaign of Ibrahim Pasha Volume 2
The Italian Novelists Selected from the Most Approved Authors in That Language From the Earliest Period Down to the Close of the Eighteenth Century Arranged in an Historical and Chronological Series Volume 4
In the Footsteps of Washington Popes Creek to Princeton
Maria Antoinette
Chapters on Evolution
The Reconstruction of the English Church Volume 1
Births Marriages and Deaths in the Town of Malden Massachusetts 1649-1850
The Works of Charles Dickens Volume 10
Letters from Flushing Containing an Account of the Expedition to Walcheren Beveland and the Mouth of the Scheldt Under the Command of the Earl of Chatham
Automobile Starting and Lighting
Correspondence of James Fenimore-Cooper Volume 1
Bulletin - United States Geological Survey Issue 496 Bulletin - United States Geological Survey
Annual Reports Report of the Postmaster-General Miscellaneous Reports
Americas Greatest Flood and Tornado Calamity Authentic Story of These Appalling Disasters Graphic and Complete Accounts of the Terrible Floods in Ohio Indiana and Other States Hundreds Swept Into Eternity Soul-Stirring Stories Told by Eyewitnesse
A Private Chivalry
The Complete Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson Volume 4
River in the Desert a History of the Negev
History of the Incorporation of Cordiners in Glasgow
A Monograph of the Tsetse-Flies Based on the Collection in the British Museum
The Doctor and His Patients
Wanderings in Corsica Its History and Its Heroes 1
Beschreibung Des Oberamts Calw
Pet Birds of Bengal
Lock to the Wilderness
John Wesley and the Methodist Societies
The Tale of the Man of Lawe The Pardoneres Tale The Second Nonnes Tales The Chanouns Yemannes Tale from the Canterbury Tales Ed by the REV Walter W Skeat
The Messiah 2
Racial Discrimination in Housing A Study in Quest for Governmental Access by Minority Interest Groups 1945-1962
Washington Command Post The Operations Division
The History of Brazil from the Period of the Arrival of the Braganza Family in 1808 to the Abdication of Don Pedro the First in 1831 Volume 2
Hymns Ancient and Modern For Use in the Services of the Church with Accompanying Tunes
The Special Kinesiology of Educational Gymnastics Copy#1
The Story of Africa and Its Explorers Volume Volume 2
The Jubilee History of the Leigh Friendly Co-Operative Society Limited 1857-1907
The Monks of the West from St Benedict to St Bernard Volume 2
Black Democracy the Story of Haiti
Before the Dawn A Story of Russian Life
Memoirs and Adventures of Sir John Hepburn
Tales and Trifles from Blackwoods and Other Popular Magazines
The History of Italy Volume 10
Conklins Handy Manual of Useful Information and Worlds Atlas
Memorials of Temperance Workers Containing Brief Sketches of Nearly One Hundred Deceased and Worthy Labourers
Cte E de Kiratry Armie de Bretagne 1870-1871 Dipositions Devantles Commissions DEnquite de LAssemblie Nationale Rapport de la Commission DEnquite
The Struggle for Religious Freedom in Virginia The Baptists
Daring and Heroic Deeds of American Women Comprising Thrilling Examples of Courage Fortitude Devotedness and Self-Sacrifice Among the Pioneer Mothers of the Western Country
The Church Missionary Intelligencer a Monthly Journal of Missionary Information Volume VIII
Obras Completas del Doctor D Manuel Mili Fontanals Tratados Doctrinales de Literatura
School Feeding Its History and Practice at Home and Abroad
A Year in Peshawur and a Ladys Ride Into the Khyber Pass
A Short History of English Liberalism
Lives of the Most Notorious and Daring Highwaymen Robbers and Murderers Compiled from Authentic Sources
A New Treatise on Astronomy and the Use of the Globes in Two Parts
American Fish-Culture Embracing All the Details of Artificial Breeding and Rearing of Trout The Culture of Salmon Shad and Other Fishes
History of Services of the Officers of the Engineer and Accounts Establishments
Sketches of Prominent Living North Carolinians
Electrical Catechism An Introductory Treatise on Electricity and Its Uses
The Reclamation of Land from Tidal Water A Handbook for Engineers Landed Proprietors and Others Interested in Works of Reclamation
Melanges Les Fiefs Nobles de la Baronnie de Cossonay Supplement Au Tome XV
Geschichte Des 2 Badischen Grenadier-Regiments Kaiser Wilhelm NR 110 Mit Benutzung Amtlicher Quellen Bearbeitet
Unsre Vorzeit Deutsche Volkssagen
Ecce Homo
Moths of the Limberlost
Dictionnaire Des Synonymes Franois
Reise Durch Ruland Nach Dem Kaukasischen Isthums in Den Jahren 1836 1837 Und 1838
Unexplored Syria Visits to the Libanus the Tulul El Safa the Anti-Libanus the Northern Libanus and the alah Volume 1
Annali Dellinstituto Di Corrispondenza Archeologica 1860 Vol 32 Annales de LInstitut de Correspondance Archologique 1860
Or a Collection of Sermons Volume 1
Zwei-Und Dreigliedrigkeit in Der Deutschen Prosa Des XIV Und XV Jahrhunderts Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Des Neuhochdeutschen Prosastils
Lehrbuch Der Topographisch-Chirurgischen Anatomie Vol 1 Mit Einschluss Der Operationsubungen an Der Leiche Fur Studirende Und Arzte Die Extremitaten
Memoires de LAcademie de Vaucluse Vol 4 Annee 1904
John Wesleys Leben Die Entstehung Und Verbreitung Des Methodismus
A Romance Volume 2
Bibliotheca Wiffeniana Constantino Ponce de la Fuente Calvins Catechism and Liturgy Sumario de Indulgencias Juan Perez de Pineda Alonso de Penafuerte Reginaldus Gonsalvius Montanus Suplicacion a la Reyna de Francia Pedro NUnez Vela Cassiod
Bulletin de la Socit Royale Linnenne de Bruxelles 1877 Vol 6 6 Anne
Les Trois Demembrements de la Pologne Vol 2 Pour Faire Suite Aux Revolutions de Pologne de Rulhiere
Polytechnisches Journal 1850 Vol 116
Theoretisch-Practisches Lehrbuch Der Kaufmnnischen Buchhaltungs-Wissenschaft Grndliche Und Fassliche Auf Practischen Erfahrungen Beruhende Anleitung
Traite Des Ponts Ou Il Est Parle de Ceux Des Romains Et de Ceux Des Modernes de Leurs Manieres Tant de Ceux de Maconnerie Que de Charpente Et de Leur Disposition Dans Toute Sorte de Lieux
Les Debuts de LImprimerie a Poitiers (1479-1515)
Bombay Ducks An Account of Some of the Every-Day Birds and Beasts Found in a Naturalists Eldorado
Vocal Expression in Speech A Treatise on the Fundamentals of Public Speaking Adapted to the Use of Colleges and Universities
Foes in Law
A Manual of Photography Founded on Hardwichs Photographic Chemistry
The Real Lord Byron The Story of the Poets Life
Northern Campaigns from the Commencement of the War in 1812 to the Armistice Signed and Ratified June 4 1813 With an Appendix Containing All the Bulletins Issued by the French Ruler During This Contest Etc Volume 1
The Port of Adventure
An Elementary Treatise on Optics
The Old Adam A Story of Adventure
The British Tariff for Contains Amended Tables of the Duties Payable on Goods Imported Into the United Kingdom and the British Possessions Abroad
An Analytical French Reader With English Exercises for Translation and Oral Exercises for Practice in Speaking Questions on Grammar with References to the Authors Several Grammars Paradigms of Verbs Regular and Irregular
The Sky-Man
Hana A Daughter of Japan
The English in Spain Or the Story of the War of Succession Between 1834 and 1840
The Pilgrims of the Thames In Search of the National
The Private Journal and Literary Remains of John Byrom Volume 2 Volume 40
The Rights of Property A Refutation of Communism and Socialism
Buyers Guide to Merchandise
Original Letters Relative to the English Reformation Written During the Reigns of King Henry VIII King Edward VI and Queen Mary
Elements of Zoology
The Zincali Or an Account of the Gypsies of Spain with an Original Collection of Their Songs and Poetry and a Copious Dictionary of Their Language Volume 2
Social Silhouettes (Being the Impressions of Mr Mark Manhattan
A Practical Treatise on the Construction Heating and Ventilation of Hot-Houses Including Conservatories Greenhouses Graperies and Other Kinds of Horticultural Structures with Practical Directions for Their Management in Regard to Light Heat and
Logic for the Million A Familiar Exposition of the Art Reasoning with an Appendix on the Philosophy of Language
Life of William Blake Pictor Ignotus With Selections from His Poems and Other Writings
The Correspondence Inventories Account Rolls and Law Proceedings of the Priory of Coldingham
Beyond Life Dizain Des Dimiurges
My Husband
Miscellany of the Maitland Club Consisting of Original Papers and Other Documents Illustrative of the History and Literature of Scotland Issue 25
A Treatise on Roads Wherein the Principles on Which Roads Should Be Made Are Explained and Illustrated by the Plans Specifications and Contracts Made Use of by Thomas Telford
Zigzag Journeys in Classic Lands Or Tommy Tobys Trip to Mount Parnassus Volume 2 Volume 1881
Footsteps of the Master
The Arrow of Gold A Story Between Two Notes
Annual Report [of the Superintendent]
John L Stoddards Lectures Japan (Two Lectures) China
The Image in the Sand
Frank Warrington
The Book of the Lifeboat With a Complete History of the Lifeboat Saturday Movement
A Budget of Christmas Tales
James Fenimore Coopers the Last of the Mohicans
Life of the Right Hon Sir William Molesworth Bart MP FRS
The Life of Merlin Surnamed Ambrosius His Prophecies and Predictions Interpreted and Their Truth Made Good by Our English Annals Being a Chronographical History of All the Kings and Memorable Passages of This Kingdom from Brute to the Reign of King C
Robert Shenstone
The New Business Arithmetic A Treatise on Commercial Calculations
The Chinese Fairy Book
The Novels Tales and Sketches of JM Barrie Volume 2
Pembroke A Novel
Bergson and Personal Realism
The Battle of Gettysburg from the History of the Civil War in America
Beatrice Cenci
British Birds with Their Nests and Eggs Volume 2
Introduction to the Scientific Study of Education
The Village Labourer 1760-1832 a Study in the Government of England Before the Reform Bill
Restoration Comedies The Parsons Wedding the London Cuckolds Sir Courtly Nice Or It Cannot Be
On Canadas Frontier Sketches of History Sport and Adventure and of the Indians Missionaries Fur-Traders and Newer Settlers of Western Canada
Thought and Things A Study of the Development and Meaning of Thought or Genetic Logic Volume 3
The Complete Poetical Works of William Collins Thomas Gray and Oliver Goldsmith With Biographical Sketches and Notes
Briton and Boer Both Sides of the South African Question
The Alchemist
The Engraved Work of JMW Turner RA Volume 1
China Its Marvel and Mystery
Dublin A Historical and Topographical Account of the City
Hand-Book of Medical and Orthopedic Gymnastics
The Home and Its Management A Handbook in Homemaking with Three Hundred Inexpensive Cooking Receipts
Douglas Jerrold Dramatist and Wit Volume 1
The Thread of Gold
Thiatre Complet de Alex Dumas Antony Charles VII Chez Ses Grands Vassaux Richard Darlington Teresa Le Mari de la Veuve
Excursion Through the Slave States From Washington on the Potomac to the Frontier of Mexico
The Facts of the Case A Summary of the Most Important Evidence and Argument Presented in the Report of the Royal Commission on the Liquor Traffic
Civilti E Le Legislazioni Dellantico Oriente in Rapporto Alla Famiglia Le Studi Dell Avvocato
Leben Des Erasmus Von Rotterdam Mit Einleitenden Betrachtungen iber Die Analoge Entwickelung Der Menschheit Und Des Einzelnen Menschen
Histoire Des Dicouvertes Et Des Voyages Faits Dans Le Nord Vol 2
Klopstocks Messiah [tr] by GHC Egestorff 4 Vols [in 2 Pt] Volume 3
The Memoires of the Duke of Rohan Or a Faithful Relation of the Most Remarkable Occurences in France Especially Concerning Those of the Reformed Churches There from the Death of Henry the Great Untill the Peace Made with Them in June 1629 Together
Colecciin de Leyes Decretos y Circulares Expedidos Por El Gobierno del Estado En El Aio de 1894
Souvenirs Polytechniques Ou Recueil DObservations Mimoires Et Projets Vol 1 Concernant La Navigation Intirieure Les Bacs Les Dessichements Les Ports Maritimes Les Routes Les Ponts LArchitecture Et Autres Objets Divers
Bulletin de la Sociiti Historique Et Archiologique de Soissons 1847 Vol 1
Operette Bibliografiche del Cav Giuseppe Molini GIi Bibliotecario Palatino Con Alcune Lettere Di Distinti Personaggi Al Medesimo Precedute Dalle Notizie Biografiche Di ESSO
Vie de Pierre Gassendi PRivit de LEglise de Digne Et Professeur de Mathimatiques Au Collige Royal
Mimoires Sur Les Fiivres de Mauvais Caractire Du Levant Et Des Antilles Avec Un Aperiu Physique Et Midical Du Sayd Et Un Essai Sur La Topographie de Sainte-Lucie
Christian Womanhood
The British Tourists Or Travellers Pocket Companion Through England Wales Scotland and Ireland Comprehending the Most Celebrated Tours in the British Islands Volume 1
The Stark Munro Letters Being a Series of Twelve Letters Written by J Stark Munro M B to His Friend and Former Fellow-Student Herbert Swanborough During the Years 1881-1884
The Romance of Jenny Harlowe And Sketches of Maritime Life
Prettey Miss Bellew A Tale of Home Life
Catalogue of the Exhibits of the State of Pennsylvania and of Pennsylvanians at the Worlds Columbian Exposition
The Natural History of Common Salt Its Manufacture Appearance Uses and Dangers in Various Parts of the World
The Story of Philip Methuen
The History and Antiquities of Rochester and Its Environs
Puritanism in the Old World and in the New from Its Inception in the Reign of Elizabeth to the Establishment of the Puritan Theocracy in New England A Historical Handbook
The Negro The Southerners Problem
The Animal Mind A Text-Book of Comparative Psychology
A Treatise of Algebra Wherein the Principles Are Demonstrated to Which Is Added the Geometrical Construction of a Great Number of Linear and Plane Problems
A Laboratory Text-Book of Embryology
Round the Horn Before the Mast
Sermons of the REV C H Spurgeon of London
The History of Franklin County KY
The Story of Carey Marshman Ward The Serampore Missionaries
Arabian Nights Volume 1
The English Cookery Book Receipts Collected by a Committee of Ladies and Ed by J H Walsh
The Life of Ludwig Van Beethoven Volume 2
A Military History of Perthshire 1899-1902
Creative Evolution Volume 66 Volume 918
British Costume A Complete History of the Dress of the Inhabitants of the British Islands
Poems and Ballads
The Magazine in America
Notes Explanatory and Practical on the Epistle to the Romans Designed for Bible Classes and Sunday Schools
Andersch Bros Hunters and Trappers Guide Illustrating the Fur Bearing Animals of North America the Skins of Which Have a Market Value
Strathern Or Life at Home and Abroad 4
The Life of William of Wykeham Bishop of Winchester Collected from Records Registers Manuscripts and Other Authentic Evidences
The Harvey Lectures Volume Ser13-14
The Life of Francis Marion
South-Sea Idyls
The Pillars of Priestcraft and Orthodoxy Shaken
The Waverly Novels
Aspirations of Nature
The Sport of Our Ancestors Being a Collection of Prose and Verse Setting Forth the Sport of Fox-Hunting
Mary Anerley A Yorkshire Tale Volume 3
A Collection of Poems by Several Hands Volume 6
Greek Mythology Systematized
History of India Historic Accounts of India by Foreign Travellers Classic Oriental and Occidental By AV Williams Jackson
A Sportsman at Large
Illustrations of the C G S System of Units With Tables of Physical Constants
Leonidas A Poem by R Glover
The Gay King Charles II His Court and Times
The Grey World
The History of Warwick Rhode Island from Its Settlement in 1642 to the Present Time Including Accounts of the Early Settlement and Development of Its Several Villages Sketches of the Origin and Progress of the Different Churches of the Town C
The Complete Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson Representative Men
Franklin and His Press at Passy An Account of the Books Pamphlets and Leaflets Printed There Including the Long-Lost Bagatelles
The Floral Art of Japan Being a Second and Revised Edition of the Flowers of Japan and the Art of Floral Arrangement
Body and Mind A History and a Defence of Animism
Francesca Carrara Volume 3
Family Prayers and Prayers on the Ten Commandments to Which Is Added a Family Commentary Upon the Sermon on the Mount
Life and Times of Petrarch With Notices of Boccacio and His Illustrious Contemporaries Volume 1
A History of Watauga County North Carolina With Sketches of Prominent Families
Marcus Whitman and the Early Days of Oregon
Geography Made Easy
The Jumel Mansion Being a Full History of the House on Harlem Heights Built by Roger Morris Before the Revolution Together with Some Account of Its More Notable Occupants
Reminiscences of Michael Kelly of the Kings Theatre and Theatre Royal Drury Lane [Ed by TE Hook]
With Boat and Gun in the Yangtze Valley with Special Chapters by Valued Contributors
Boiler-Waters Scale Corrosion Foaming
John Marshs Millions a Narrative
The Wheat Industry For Use in Schools
From Seven to Seventy Memories of a Painter and a Yankee
Israels Watchman (and Prophetic Expositor) [Afterw] the Prophetic News and Israels Watchman Ed by A Edersheim [1st]-7th Year
Iron and Steel Magazine Volume 4
The Life of the REV Freeborn Garrettson Compiled from His Printed and Manuscript Journals and Other Authentic Documents
The Poetical Works of Robert Browning The Ring and the Book
Mr Facey Romfords Hounds
Miss Esperance and Mr Wycherly
Napoleon III and His Court
Memories of Seven Campaigns A Record of Thirty-Five Years Service in the Indian Medical Department in India China Egypt and the Sudan
The Flower and the Bee Plant Life and Pollination
Villa Elsa A Story of German Family Life
The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments Other Rites Ceremonies of the Church According to the Use of the Church of England Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David Pointed as They Are to Be Sung or Said in Churches T
Sophisms of Free-Trade and Popular Political Economy Examined
Studies in Islamic Poetry
Sketch of the Civil and Traditional History of Caithness from the Tenth Century
Richard Savage a Mystery in Biography
Vorgeschichte Der Indoeuropaer
Hypatia Or New Foes with an Old Face
Euclids Elements of Geometry From the Latin Translation of Commandine to Which Is Added a Treatise of the Nature and Arithmetic of Logarithms Likewise Another of the Elements of Plain and Spherical Trigonometry With a Preface
The Hapless Orphan Or Innocent Victim of Revenge A Novel Founded on Incidents in Real Life In a Series of Letters from Caroline Francis to Maria B----
Les Caracteres Ou Les Moeurs de Ce Siecle Vol 2 PReCedes Des Caracteres de Theophraste Traduits Du Grec
Sir Thomas Mores Utopia
The India Directory or Directions for Sailing to and from the East Indies China Australia and the Interjacent Ports of Africa and South America Vol 1 Compiled Chiefly from Original Journals of the Honourable Companys Ships and from Observations a
The First International Railway and the Colonization of New England Life and Writings of John Alfred Poor
Annuaire de Bretagne Historique Littraire Et Scientifique Pour LAnne 1897
The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth
Les Mysteres de LAmour Divin Avec Des Reflexions Morales Tirees de LEcriture Sainte Et Des Saints Peres
Writing an Advertisement A Analysis of the Methods and the Mental Processes That Play a Part in the Writing of Successful Advertising
Les Sept FLAux Du Tonkin Moeurs Europennes DHanoi Roman
Storia Critico-Cronologica de Romani Pontefici E de Generale E Provinciali Concilj Vol 11
The Jurisprudence of Medicine in Its Relations to the Law of Contracts Torts and Evidence with a Supplement on the Liabilities of Vendors of Drugs
Report on the Police of the Burdwan Division
Methods and Costs of Gravel and Placer Mining in Alaska
Letters to Presbyterians On the Present Crisis in the Presbyterian Church in the United States
Switzerland Its Scenery History and Literary Associations
Leading Events of Maryland History
Faust Egmont Hermann and Dorothea Doctor Faustus
The Open Vision A Study of Psychic Phenomena
Railroad Structures and Estimates
Commentarius de Platonicae Philosophiae Post Renatas Litteras Apud Italos Instauratione Sive Marsili Ficini Vita
Garden Planning
Days at the Coast A Series of Sketches Descriptive of the Firth of Clyde -- Its Watering-Places Its Scenery and Its Associations
Combinatory Analysis Volume 1
The Craftsman Volume 11
Cosmos Volume 2
Travels in Greece Palestine Egypt and Barbary During the Years 1806 and 1807 C by FA de Chateaubriand
English and Latin Hymns Or Harmonies to Part I of the Roman Hymnal for the Use of Congregations Schools Colleges and Choirs
Alaskana Or Alaska in Descriptive and Legendary Poems
Alaskan Boundary Tribunal The Counter Case of the United States Before the Tribunal Convened at London Under the Provisions of the Treaty Between the United States of America and Great Britain Concluded January 24 1903 [With Appendix] Volume 1
Days in Hellas
Complete Self-Instructing Library of Practical Photography Photographic Printing Complete
Concrete-Steel Buildings Being a Companion Volume to the Treatise on Concrete Steel
The American House Carpenter
Letters to a Young Lady On a Variety of Useful and Interesting Subjects Calculated to Improve the Heart to Form the Manners and Enlighten the Understanding
The Campaign Lives of Ulysses S Grant and Schuyler Colfax
The Perishing Soul According to Scripture With Reference Also to Ancient Jewish Belief and the Christian Writings of the First Two Centuries
Chapters from the Physical History of the Earth An Introduction to Geology and Palaeontology
Reminiscences of Court and Diplomatic Life Volume 1
Japan in Art and Industry With a Glance at Japanese Manners and Customs
Archaeological Essays Volume 2
The German Theatre Volume 6
War Government Federal and State in Massachusetts New York Pennsylvania and Indiana 1861-1865
Recollections of a Diplomatist Volume 2
A Collection of Psalms and Hymns for Social and Private Worship
The Christian Ambassador Ed by CC McKechnie (1868)
The Poetical Works of George Herbert With Life Critical Dissertation and Explanatory Notes
Men Around the Kaiser The Makers of Modern Germany
A History of the Convocation of the Church of England
An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation Volume 1
A Land March from England to Ceylon Forty Years Ago
Prose Works of John Greenleaf Whittier Volume 1
Explanation of the Sacrifice and of the Liturgy of the Mass by a Priest
The Confessions of S Augustine 10 Books a New Tr [by WH Hutchings]
Lectures on Art [ed by JE Weekes]
Catalogue of the Library of Edwin Forrest
Outlines of Church History From the Birth of Christ to AD 1648
The Philosophy of the Human Voice Embracing Its Physiological History [c]
The History of British Foreign Policy from the Earliest Times to 1912
The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night A Plain and Literal Translation of the Arabian Nights Entertainments with Introd Explanatory Notes on the Manners and Customs of Moslem Men and a Terminal Essay Upon the History of the Nights Volume 6
The Religion of Our Literature Essays Upon Thomas Carlyle Robert Browning Alfred Tennyson Etc Including Criticisms Upon the Theology of George Eliot George MacDonald and Robertson of Brighton
New Bedford Massachusetts Its History Industries Institutions and Attractions
Exercising in Bed The Simplest and Most Effective System of Exercise Ever Devised
The Giant Hand Our Mobilization and Control of Industry and Natural Resources 1917-1918
History of the United States from the Earliest Discovery of America to the Present Day Volume 2
Biblical Treasury of the Catechism
War and Other Essays
The Derby Anniversary Calendar (Perpetual) Being the Records of Six Thousand Noteworthy Events Anniversaries Birthdays Etc in American History Arranged Chronologically
Inverness Kirk-Session Records 1661-1880
Memories and Studies
A History of the Town of Franklin Mass [Electronic Resource] From Its Settlement to the Completion of Its First Century 2D March 1878 With Genealogical Notices of Its Earliest Families Sketches of Its Professional Men and a Report of the Centenni
Steel Construction A Text and Reference Book Covering the Design of Steel Framework for Buildings
Observations on Several Parts of England Particularly the Mountains and Lakes of Cumberland and Westmoreland Relative Chiefly to Picturesque Beauty Made in the Year 1772 Volume 2
The Principles of Chemistry Volume Vol 1 Part 2
Santo Sebastiano Or the Young Protector A Novel Volume 1
American Steam and Hot-Water Heating Practice
Floras Dictionary
Chief of the Pilgrims Or the Life and Time of William Brewster Ruling Elder of the Pilgrim Company That Founded New Plymouth the Parent Colony of New England in 1620
The Faith of Robert Louis Stevenson
Pennsylvania in the World War An Illustrated History of the Twenty-Eighth Division
Mildreds Boys and Girls A Sequel to Mildreds Married Life
Popular Dictionary of Architecture and the Allied Arts A Work of Reference for the Architect Builder Sculptor Decorative Artist and General Student with Numerous Illustrations from All Styles of Architecture from the Egyptian to the Renaissance
Magnetical Investigations 2pt
Under Three Flags A Story of Mystery
A Treatise on the Mathematical Theory of Elasticity Volume 2
The Entomologists Monthly Magazine Volume 14
Proceedings of the Annual Congress of Correction of the American Correctional Association
A History of the State of Ohio Natural and Civil
Village Dialogues Between Farmer Littleworth Rev Mr Lovegood and Others
Joint Documents of the Senate and House of Representatives at the Annual Session of
The Making of Thomas Barton
A Vagabond in Asia
Bible History Containing the Most Remarkable Events of the Old and New Testaments to Which Is Added a Compendium of Church History for the Use of the Catholic Schools in the United States
The Fall of the Moghul Empire of Hindustan
Bible Chronology Carefully Unfolded to Which Is Added a Restoration of Josephus
Monsieur Sylvestre
Penal Legislation in the New Code of Canon Law (Liber V)
History of Southeastern Dakota Its Settlement and Growth Geological and Physical Features--Countries Cities Towns and Villages--Incidents of Pioneer Life--Biographical Sketches of the Pioneers and Business Men with a Brief Outline History of the Terr
Three Holes in the Chimney Or a Scattered Family
Letters from England By Don Manuel Alvarez Espriella Translated from the Spanish Volume 3
The Sussex Garland A Collection of Ballads Sonnets Tales Elegies Songs Epitaphs Etc Illustrative of the County of Sussex
James Monroe
Passing the Portal Or a Girls Struggle An Autobiography
Standards of Health Insurance
Sicilian Studies
Our Edible Toadstools and Mushrooms and How to Distinguish Themr A Selection of Thirty Native Food Varieties Easily Recognizable by Their Marked Individualities with Simple Rules for the Identification of Poisonous Species
Anima Vilis A Tale of the Great Siberian Steppe
Elementary Lessons in Logic Deductive and Inductive With Copious Questions and Examples and a Vocabulary of Logical Terms
When Knighthood Was in Flower Or the Love Story of Charles Brandon and Mary Tudor the Kings Sister and Happening in the Reign of Henry VIII Rewritten and Rendered Into Modern English from Sir Edwin Caskodens Memoir
Early History of the Colony of Victoria From Its Discovery to Its Establishment as a Self-Governing Province of the British Empire
A Biography of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence And of Washington and Patrick Henry with an Appendix Containing the Constitution of the United States and Other Documents
Under Mad Anthonys Banner
Enoch Restitutus Or an Attempt to Separate from the Books of Enoch the Book Quoted by St Jude Also a Comparison of the Chronology of Enoch with the Hebrew Computation and with the Periods Mentioned in the Book of Daniel and in the Apocalypse
The Last King of Poland And His Contemporaries
Mandeville A Tale of the Seventeenth Century in England Volume 1
Havens Complete Manual of Practical Phonography
A History and Genealogy of the Davenport Family In England and America from A D 1086 to 1850
Expository Thoughts on the Gospels
American Library Edition of Workshop Receipts Being a Complete Technical Encyclopaedia in Five Volumes Volume 5
Tempest and Sunshine Or Life in Kentucky
Concrete Roads and Pavements
Handbook of Physiology Volume 2
The Winning of the West From the Alleghanies to the Mississippi 1769-1776
The Velvet Glove
Modern Lovers
Niccoli Machiavelli and His Times Volume 1
Memories of Buffalo Bill
A Summer in Brittany Volume 1
Industrial Investment and Emigration Being a Treatise on Benefit Building Societies and Tontines and on the General Principles of Associations for Land Investment and Colonization with Some Theorems in the Doctrine of Compound Interest
Advertisers Guardian
Wild Beasts and Their Ways
Popular Geology from the Museum of Science and Art
Law in a Free State
The Science of Life Or Animal and Vegetable Biology
Foods Or How the World Is Fed
A Short Explanation of the Nicene Creed For the Use of Persons Beginning the Study of Theology
The Army of India Question
The English Home
The Pride of Jennico Being a Memoir of Captain Basil Jennico
Blockade of Quebec in 1775-1776 by the American Revolutionists (les Bastonnais)
Emersons Complete Works Volume 11
Meditations on Christian Dogma Volume 2
Die Herrlichkeit Und Stadt Viersen Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Des Niederrheines
Caesar Borgia An Historical Romance Volume 3
An Introduction to Perspective Practical Geometry Drawing and Painting A New and Perfect Explanation of the Mixture of Colours With Practical Directions for Miniature Crayon and Oil Painting
Emile Zola A Biographical and Critical Study
Sketching Rambles
Life and Work of J M W Turner R a
Choir Or Union Collection of Church Music Consisting of a Great Variety of Psalm and Hymn Tunes Anthems
Dantes Divine Comedy Tr in the Original Ternary Rhyme by CB Cayley [with] Notes on the Translation
Studies in Dante Volume 1
Presidential Messages and State Papers Being the Epoch-Marking National Documents of All the Presidents from George Washington to Woodrow Wilson Volume 6
The Gospel in Nature A Series of Popular Discourses on Scripture Truths Derived from Facts in Nature
Henri Bergson
Gold Gold in Cariboo A Story of Adventure in British Columbia
History of England Part 1
Campfire Girls Rural Retreat Or the Quest of a Secret
French Pottery and Porcelain
Memoirs of the Life of Agrippina The Wife of Germanicus Volume 2
History of the People of Israel From the Rule of the Persians to That of the Greeks 1895
Selections from the Poems of Ovid Chiefly the Metamorphoses
Our Homes and How to Make the Best of Them
Saint Alphonsus Liguori Or Extracts Translated from the Moral Theology of the Above Romish Saint Who Was Canonized in the Year 1839
The Servian People Their Past Glory and Their Destiny 2
The Land of Sunshine a Handbook of the Resources Products Industries and Climate of New Mexico
Catalogue of a Collection of Birds Belonging to
The Man in the Mirror
The Knightly Soldier A Biography of Major Henry Ward Camp
William Morris Poet Artist Socialist
New Orleans as It Was
Horatio Nelson Englands Sailor Hero
The Temple Its Ministry and Services as They Were in the Time of Jesus Christ
Promotion of Learning in India During Muhammadan Rule (by Muhammadans)
Modern Essays
Specimen Days in America
Perry County A History
Irrigation Farming A Handbook for the Proper Application of Water in the Production of Crops
History of the Second Pennsylvania Veteran Heavy Artillery (112th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers) from 1861-1866 Including the Provisional Second Penna Heavy Artillery
American Small Arms A Veritable Encyclopedia of Knowledge for Sportsmen and Military Men
Five Years Within the Golden Gate
Letters of Mlle de Lespinasse with Notes on Her Life and Character
Bodily Changes in Pain Hunger Fear and Rage An Account of Recent Researches Into the Functions of Emotional Excitement
Valentines Manual of Old New York 1916 17 Volume 7
Summer Experiences of Rome Perugia and Siena in 1854 And Sketches of the Islands in the Bay of Naples
Personal Reminiscences and Recollections of Forty-Six Years Membership in the Medical Society of the District of Columbia and Residence in This City with Biographical Sketches of Many of the Deceased Members
Diary and Correspondence of Count Axel Fersen Relating to the Court of France
British Secret Service During the Great War
Nebraskans 1854-1904
Tales from the Arabic Of the Breslau and Calcutta (1814-18) Editions of the Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night Not Occuring in the Other Printed Texts of the Work Now First Done Into English by John Payne Volume 3
Military Memoirs of Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington
Studies of the Greek Poets
Business Law A Text-Book for Schools and Colleges
Sport in the Alps in the Past and Present An Account of the Chase of the Chamois Red Deer Bouquetin Roe-Deer Capercaillie and Black-Cock with Personal Adventures and Historical Notes and Some Sporting Reminiscences of H R H the Late Duke of Saxe
Memoirs of Sir Edward Blount K C B c
A Nineteenth Century Satire With Other Rhymes for Other Times
Masterpieces of Modern Oratory
Dwights Journal of Music Volumes 37-38
The American Printer A Manual of Typography Containing Complete Instructions for Beginners as Well as Practical Directions for Managing Every Department of a Printing Office With Several Useful Tables Numerous Schemes for Imposing Forms in Every Va
Gas Gasoline and Oil Vapor Engines Their Design Construction and Operation for Stationary Marine and Vehicle Motive Power
The Great Psychological Crime The Destructive Principle of Nature in Individual Life
Memoirs of Jane Cameron Female Convict by a Prison Matron Author of Female Life in Prison
Grace Hamiltons School Days
Episodes in the Life of an Indian Chaplain by a Retired Chaplain
Florentine Tales
Vacation Days in Hawaii AMD Japan
Lessons in Elocution Or a Selection of Pieces in Prose and Verse for the Improvement of Youth in Reading and Speaking
Some Rough Materials for a History of the Hundred of North Erpingham in the County of Norfolk Collected by W Rye
de Smets Oregon Missions and Travels Over the Rocky Mountains 1845-1846
Poems by Grades Containing Poems Selected for Each Grade of the School Course Poems for Each Month and Memory Gems Volume 1
Narrative of a Tour Through Armenia Kurdistan Persia and Mesopotamia With Observations Upon the Condition of Mohammedanism and Christianity in Those Countries Volume 1
English Poems from Chaucer to Kipling
The Albemarle Papers Being the Correspondence of William Anne Second Earl of Albemarle Commander-In-Chief in Scotland 1746-1747 with an Appendix of Letters from Andrew Fletcher Lord Justice-Clerk to the Duke of Newcastle 1746-1748 Volume 1
The Shawm A Library of Church Music Embracing about One Thousand Pieces Consisting of Psalm and Hymn Tunes Adapted to Every Meter in Use Anthems Chants and Set Pieces To Which Is Added an Original Cantata Entitled Daniel Or the Captivity and R
Testing Milk and Its Products A Manual for Dairy Students Creamery and Cheese Factory Operators Food Chemists and Dairy Farmers
A Ride Across a Continent Wanderings Through Nicaragua and Costa Rica
Hints to Solicitors Being a Treatise on the Law Relating to Their Duties as Officers of the High Court of Justice with Notes on the Recent Changes Affecting the Profession and a Vade Mecum to the Law of Costs
The Plant Hunters Or Adventures Among the Himalaya Mountains
Campbells 1907 Soil Culture Manual A Complete Guide to Scientific Agriculture as Adapted to the Semi-Arid Regions
Plutarchs Lives Volume 5
Greece and the Greeks of the Present Day
Soil Survey of Waushara County Wisconsin
The Democrat Or Intrigues and Adventures of Jean Le Noir from His Inlistment as a Drummer in General Rochembeaus Armyto His Being Driven from England in 1795 After Having Borne a Conspicuous Part in the French Revolution
Two Wars An Autobiography of General Samuel G French Mexican War War Between the States a Diary Reconstruction Period His Experience Incidents Reminiscences Etc
Psychanalysis Its Theories and Practical Application
In Four Reigns The Recollections of Althea Allingham 1785-1842
An Old and Middle English Reader on the Basis of Prof Julius Zupitzas Alt- Und Mittelenglisches ibungsbuch
Overtones A Book of Temperaments Richard Strauss Parsifal Verdi Balzac Flaubert Nietzsche and Turginieff
Discourses on Religion Morals Philosophy and Metaphysics Volume 1
Eduard Mirike Sein Leben Und Dichten
Mimoires Et Journal Inidit Du Marquis DArgenson Ministre Des Affaires itrangires Sous Louis XV
The Adventures of Elizabeth in Rigen
The Life and Letters of Thomas i Becket Now First Gathered from the Contemporary Historians
Manual of Egyptian Archiology and Guide to the Study of Antiquities in Egypt For the Use of Students and Travellers
The Cruise of the Widgeon 700 Miles in a Ten-Ton Yawl from Swanage to Hamburg
Barent Creighton A Romance
Lettres Critiques DUn Voyageur Anglois Sur LArticle Genive Du Dictionnaire Encyclopidique Et Sur La Lettre de MR DAlembert i MR Rousseau Touchant Les Spectacles Volume 1
Les Champignons Parasites de LHomme Des Animaux Giniralitis Classification Biologie Technique -- Clefs Analytiques Synonymie Diagnoses Histoire Parasitologique Bibliographie
Defensio Fidei Nicini A Defense of the Nicene Creed Out of the Extant Writings of the Catholick Doctors Who Flourished During the Three First Centuries of the Christian Church In Which Also Is Incidentally Vindicated the Creed of Constantinople
An Elementary Manual of Radiotelegraphy and Radiotelephony for Students and Operators
Select Charters and Other Documents Illustrative of American History 1606-1775 Volume 1
The American Geologist Volume 25
Accounting Principles
Poems of the South and Other Verse
St Francis of Assisi His Times Life and Work Lectures Delivered in Substance in the Ladye Chapel of Worcester Cathedral in the Lent of 1896
Glory Rides the Range
History of Worcester Massachusetts from Its Earliest Settlement to September 1836 With Various Notices Relating to the History of Worcester County 2
Dwights Journal of Music Volumes 11-12
The Writings of James Madison 17831787 Volume II
Thoughts on God and Man
Come Live with Me and Be My Love An English Pastoral
Potterat and the War
Georgia History Stories
Universal Classics Library Volume 9
The Elements of Anglo-Saxon Grammar With Copious Notes Illustrating the Structure of the Saxon and the Formation of the English Language And a Grammatical Praxis with a Literal English Version To Which Are Prefixed Remarks on the History and Use of
Annual Report of the Insurance Commissioner Volume 46
Sir Guy de Lusignan A Tale of Italy Volume 2
Two Centuries in the History of the Presbyterian Church Jamaica LI The Oldest Existing Church of the Presbyterian Name in America
Shanty Forest and River Life in the Backwoods of Canada
Kandahar in 1879
Traces of History in the Names of Places With a Vocabulary of the Roots Out of Which Names of Places in England and Wales Are Formed
Sweated Industry and the Minimum Wage
Virginia Survey 1861
The Lost King

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